Hanwei (Paul Chen) Tori XL Light Katana - Ships Free!

Hanwei (Paul Chen) Tori XL Light Katana - Ships Free!
Hanwei (Paul Chen) Tori XL Light Katana - Ships Free!
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Hanwei (Paul Chen) Tori XL Light Katana - Ships Free!Hanwei (Paul Chen) Tori XL Light Katana - Ships Free!


Hand Forged & Folded PowderSteel Blade

This new katana from Hanwei / Paul Chen, The Tori Xl Light Katana, is without a doubt one of the finest Japanese practitioner's swords to ever grace our site.

Designed by master sword smith, Paul Chen, the Tori starts with a masterfully hand crafted blade which is folded out of high purity ASSAB K120 C Swedish steel. The polish is done so as to bring out an outstanding hada (grain pattern)

The blade is formed with the new geometry of the XL series so cutting is a breeze. We have had customers who have purchased other swords from us and when they cut with this sword they have reported to us the balance and feel is like no other.

The beauty doesn't stop with the blade. The scabbard of this samurai sword is a "fingerprintless" brown lacquer with genuine buffalo horn accents and a "clam shell" holding portion. Iron tsuba with crane design and a handle wrapped in gorgeous brown suede with black same (rayskin) underneath. A simply incredible example of traditional sword making from Paul Chen.

The Tori XL Light katana is an all-new design from CAS/Hanwei that incorporates truly elegant furniture with the functionality only a high end katana can provide. Featuring a traditional flying crane tsuba, brown leather tsuka-ito over black same and a dark brown/black saya, this is undoubtedly one of the most elegant Japanese swords mounts ever crafted by CAS/Hanwei.

Folded ASSAB K120 C Swedish steel blade wth Hi
Super Prominent Hamon and Hada
New Xl Geometry with competition cutting in mind
Iron tsuba with crane motif
Brown Suede-Leather handle wrap and Black rayskin underlay
All premium fittings
Wooden scabbard with Buffalo Horn fittings and brown "fingerprintless" speckled finish
"Clamshell" holding area on scabbard
Comes with Sword bag and Premium Maintenance kit
Massive XL Light Blade Geometry
Traditional Construction
Built for Martial Artists


Blade Length: 28 1/2"
Handle Length: 11"
Overall Length: 40 1/2"
Weight: 2lb 9oz

You must be 18 years or older to purchase this battle ready katana


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