Hand Honed Razor Sharp Damscus Blade

Cold Steel Segal Signature Wakizashi - Ships Free
Cold Steel Segal Signature Wakizashi - Ships Free
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Cold Steel Segal Signature Wakizashi - Ships FreeCold Steel Segal Signature Wakizashi - Ships Free


This unusual Wakizashi blade is almost an exact reproduction of an extremely rare antique original from the collection of Mr. Steven Seagal. It's wide, curved and keen 15" Naginata-style blade is made from Damascus steel - Hamaguri ground and highly polished with a clay tempered Hamon and pronounced "false edge"" with a very distinctive weight forward balance giving it amazing cutting potential!

Martial Artist who needs no introduction. He found international acclaim for his high-octane Action Movies, but his first and foremost love is the world of Martial Arts. With an encyclopedic knowledge of the Japanese warrior arts, a wealth of experience with the Katana, a 7th Dan Black Belt in the art of Aikido and a lifetime of training, he is still a much-in-demand instructor and consultant. Whether working specialist techniques with Mixed Martial Artists or traveling the world teaching seminars, there is no doubt that Steven is still a force to be reckoned with!

Includes Black Lacquered Wood Scabbard, Leather Wrapped Handle


Weight 27.6 oz.
Handle 7 1/4"
SteelL Damascus
Overall 22 1/2"
Blade Thick: 8.5mm
Blade Length: 15 1/4"

You must be at least 18 to order this fully sharpened, battle ready sword


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