Vorenthul's Sword - Autographed Edition

Vorenthul's Sword - Autographed Edition  - Ships Free!
Vorenthul's Sword - Autographed Edition - Ships Free!
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Includes a Certificate of Authenticity and Custom Art Print Autographed by Kit Rae!

From the Swords of the Ancients Fantasy Sword collection! This autographed and serial numbered first production run is strictly limited to 2000 pieces worldwide! The Samurai style hilt is fitted with a double guard, a tightly wrapped genuine leather grip, and a hooked and pointed pommel spike. The Elven style, maintenance free, stainless steel blade is adorned with a deep etched flame design and a laser engraved Kit Rae emblem. Avonthians were three brothers, sons of a king in ancient times, who were charged with imprisoning the deathless spirit of the Dark One in the depths of the earth (from the Swords of the Ancients mythology).


29" blade
42.5" overall.


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