Musashi Himawari Katana

Musashi Himawari Katana
Musashi Himawari Katana
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Comes with Sword Bag, Sword Box and Certificate!

The hand made Musashi Himawari Katana Samurai Sword features a damascus blade with bo-hi. The copper tsuba is gold plated with Sunflower design and the himawari fuchi and kashira are also plated in gold. The high gloss wood saya is hand lacquered and hand carved. Comes with sword bag, lined sword box and certificate of authenticity!

Himawari Katana Features

Forged carbon damascus blade
Authentic hamon
Fully sharpened
Copper tsuba with gold plated himawari (Sunflower) design
Authentic rayskin and black cotton tsuka ito
Gold plated fuchi and kashira
Black lacquered Hand carved wood saya
Fully functional
Comes with sword bag, lined sword box and certificate of authenticity


Blade: 28"
Tsuka: 11"
Overall: 40"
Weight: 2.1 Lbs

You must be at least 18 to purchase this fully sharpened Japanese sword.


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Musashi Swords
Musashi Samurai swords are known for their high quality blades and authentic fittings. All are full tang, double peggedl and fully sharpened making a fine battle ready Katana. A leader in economical high value katana's, Musashi swords are produced at the famous Chris Zhou Academy known for their excellence in sword making. Musashi Katana's are a good choice for both the practitioner and Samurai sword collector.

We carry the full line of Musashi Japanese swords
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