Musashi Seito Katana Samurai Sword -Ships Free!

Musashi Seito Katana Samurai Sword -Ships Free!
Musashi Seito Katana Samurai Sword -Ships Free!
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Musashi Seito Katana Samurai Sword -Ships Free!Musashi Seito Katana Samurai Sword -Ships Free!Musashi Seito Katana Samurai Sword -Ships Free!


Includes Black Samurai Sword Bag!

The Musashi Seito Katana Features a hand forged, full tang, hand sharpened carbon steel blade with bo-hi and Crane style tsuba. The Black matte finish wood saya has a metal koiguchi. Comes with black sword bag!

The blade is hand forged, full tang with high carbon steel, hammered out so that the carbon is evenly distributed throughout the blade for a uniform hardness. A Bo-Hi has been added to the top of the blade to decrease the weight of the blade and provide excellent balance. The blade also features a kissake, hamon, and comes fully sharpened. The Saya has been constructed from hard wood with a black finish. The Sage-o is black cord, wrapped over a bright copper Kurigata. The Koi-guchi is a steel fitting with waves and a setting sun. The Habaki is single piece brass construction. The Tsuba is a beautiful cut out steel design of a crane spreading its wings. Two Seppas secure the Tsuba to the blade of the sword. The Tsuka core is wooden with an imitation ray skin Same and black cord Ito. The Tsuka is double pegged. Two blackened Menuki decorate each side of the Tsuka.

This is a sharpened battle ready katana. You must be at least 18 to order this Japanese sword


Carbon steel blade
Hand sharpened
Crane style tsuba
Cotton cord tsuka ito and faux rayskin wrap
Double pagged
Black matte finish wood saya with metal koiguchi
Very light and quick
Fully functional
Comes with black sword bag


Blade: 27"
Tsuka: 11"
Overall: 39"
Weight: 1.8 Lbs


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Overall Rating:4.5
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Casey, Ridgefield NJ
I was really surprised at the quality of this katana given the low price. It was very sharp and cuts well. The fast delivery and low prices at Swords for Samurai are great! I'll be back
josh, texas
it was amazing
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