Thaitsuki Orasaku Zukuri Honsanamai Katana

Thaitsuki Orasaku Zukuri Honsanamai Katana - Ships Free
Thaitsuki Orasaku Zukuri Honsanamai Katana - Ships Free
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Thaitsuki Orasaku Zukuri Honsanamai Katana - Ships FreeThaitsuki Orasaku Zukuri Honsanamai Katana - Ships FreeThaitsuki Orasaku Zukuri Honsanamai Katana - Ships FreeThaitsuki Orasaku Zukuri Honsanamai Katana - Ships FreeThaitsuki Orasaku Zukuri Honsanamai Katana - Ships FreeThaitsuki Orasaku Zukuri Honsanamai Katana - Ships Free


Includes Signed Certificate, Maintenance Kit, and Silk Sword Bag!

The Orasaku Zukuri Honsanmai Katana ( S05 )is specially handmade and forged in the Yamato Nihonto tradition, which is considered to be the oldest tradition in Japanese sword making. This forging method and the use of premium quality, high carbon Japanese steel and handcrafted silver fittings, makes the Orasaku katana a standout among premium Japanese swords.

This latest work of art by Thaitsuki showcases the talents of their most experienced sword smiths. Painstakingly detailed, the Sanmai blade is hand forged and folded using high grade Japanese high carbon steel. The silver furniture is 100% handmade with outstanding attention to detail. This heirloom quality katana exhibits jewel like construction and is one of the finest katanas that we have ever had the opportunity to offer.

Hand forged, polished and sharpened, this katana has an extremely sharp blade with Sanmai traditional structure with differential tempering to give the correct amount of flex/stiffness for excellent cutting performance and feel. This katana is a true full tang sword and double pegged for complete disassembly and maintenance. Hand crafted silver fittings and Japanese dark red silk over white rayskin wrapped tsuka round out this stunning katana.

With it's hand forged and folded Sanmai high carbon steel blade with 1024 layers, the S05 is among the upper echelon of high end, battle ready Japanese Swords for the collector or practitioner!

Orasaku Zukuri Honsanamai Highlights:

Hand forged and folded high carbon Japanese steel blade (1024 layers)
Clay tempered and water quenched blade (HRC 60-35)
Hand polished with excellent hada
Hand sharpened
Blackened hand crafted copper tsuba with fireblow technic
Silver seppa and habaki
Silver centipede menuki
Silver fuchi and kashira
premium Japanese silk and rayskin wrapped tsuka
Dark red hand rubbed lacquer medium gloss saya with silver Maroon and white sageo and silver sayajiri

The Orasaku Zukuri Honsanamai comes with signed certificate, maintenance kit, and silk sword bag - Free ground shipping in the U.S.

Thaitsuki Orasaku Zukuri Honsanamai Specs:

Blade: 29"
Tsuka: 11-1/2"
Overall length: 41-1/2"
Weight: 2.5 lbs
Balance point 5"

you must be at least 18 to order this fully sharpened Japanese katana


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Thaitsuki Swords - Premium
Thaitsuki swords are finely crafted by highly trained smiths with years of experience. Each sword comes with a serial numbered and signed certificate of authenticity.

Japaneseswords4samurai is the original U.S. importer for Thaitsuki Samurai Swords.

Thaitsuki Nihonto is owned and run by the Sivarat family, forging Japanese swords for over 400 years. The methods and secrets of sword making were taught to the Sivarat family by Yamada Nagamasa, stationed in Thailand in the late 1590s. The Sivarat family was chosen to forge swords for Japanese soldiers and for the past 400 years the Thaitsuki forge has continued refining and perfecting forging skills of Japanese swords for private collectors and martial artists throughout the world.

These are without a doubt the finest production level Japanese swords currently available. We carry the complete line of Thaitsuki swords
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