Comes with Free Hanwei Medium Sword Case!

Limited Edititon Lotus Citadel Katana - Ships Free
Limited Edititon Lotus Citadel Katana - Ships Free
Limited Edititon Lotus Citadel Katana - Ships FreeLimited Edititon Lotus Citadel Katana - Ships FreeLimited Edititon Lotus Citadel Katana - Ships Free


For a Limited Time We Are Including a Free Hanwei Medium Sword Case!

This is the second in the series of Limited Edition katana from Citadel Knives and Swords. Each sword is signed by the smith on the nakago with the sword number, limited to 100 swords before the model is retired.

This katana is made in the same manner as the more costly Citadel katana but with a focus on cutting practice this sword's fittings have been simplified to their purest form. The blade is solid, with no bo-hi or fuller to provide a slightly higher weight and forward balance. However Citadel sharply tapers the blade geometry from the shinogi or central ridge to the mune or back of the blade. This allows for a thicker blade with more niku or apple-seed geometry behind the edge while maintaining proper balance. This means the robust blade can stand up to traditional target cutting of harder targets, usually fresh green bamboo, without worry of chipping the edge.

The fittings are hand cut and shaped from pure iron, an extremely tough material that takes a deep black patina and needs minimal maintenance. Iron will bend under tremendous shock instead of break, a feature any samurai would appreciate. The Lotus design of the tsuba is in an older, simpler style (kyo sukashi, maru gata) that reflects the nature of the sword.

The tsuka or handle and scabbard are hand carved to fit each individual sword ensuring a proper fit. The ito or handle wrap is of black natural silk imported from Japan. It is tightly wrapped around the full same-gawa or ray skin wrap with the proper hishigami or paper triangles present to ensure a long life of use. The saya is lacquered to a semi-gloss finish with buffalo horn mounts (koiguchi, kurikata and kojiri).

This is an exceptional high end sword for practitioners of tameshigiri that want a unique sword.

Overall: 40"
Blade Length: 27.5"
Handle Length: 11"
Weight: 2lb 6oz
Point of Balance: 5.75"
Thickness at Guard: .25"
Thickness at Tip: .22"
Sori: 3/4"
Blade Steel: DNH7

You must be at least 18 to order this limited edition battle ready sword


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