Hanwei Paper Crane Katana

Hanwei Paper Crane Katana
Hanwei Paper Crane Katana
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The Hanwei Paper Crane katana is without doubt the greatest achievement in sword making artistry yet available from Hanwei's forge and the creative genius of Paul Chen. The blade is crafted from Hanwei's own Tamahagane steel (see below) while the fittings reflect the atmosphere of the Japanese theater. The name stems from the origami (the art of paper folding) cranes that decorate the striking Tsuba and Fuchi/Kashira, all of which feature highly-prized "Nanako" or stippled backgrounds. The Menuki feature thespian masks, a symbol shared by the Japanese theater and its western counterpart. The Saya of the katana houses a Kozuka (small knife) while that of the Wakizashi carries a Kogai (hair pick) The Kozuka and Kogai are decorated with musical instruments of the theater. The Paper Crane theme is carried to the outstanding hand woven silk Sageo, the result of many hours of skilled work on a hand loom.

Tamahagane steel is made by building and firing a Tatara, the traditional Japanese sword-steel smelter. This charcoal- fired furnace produces a very pure steel from iron sand, and this steel "Kera" or bloom can be broken and separated into high- and low-carbon pieces, which respectively form the "skin" steel and "core" steel of the blade. The skin steel is forged and folded repeatedly, to remove slag inclusions and voids and is then wrapped around the core steel before the resulting billet is forged into a blade. Careful heat treating, shaping and polishing reveals the tight Hada or layer pattern of the blade and the white particles of the Hamon or temper line. While this process results in the aesthetic qualities much admired by collectors it also produces a very functional blade, as the high carbon content of the skin steel makes a very hard edge possible while the softer core steel gives the blade its resilience and ability to absorb shock.


Tamahagane Steel Blade
Superior Hamon and Polish
Heirloom Quality

Blade length: 28"
Handle length: 10.25"
Overall length: 39.25"
Weight: 2lb 5oz

You must be at least 18 to order this sharpened battle ready katana


Customer Reviews
Overall Rating:5
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Vance Perry, Houston TX
I love this sword! Hanwei when will you have the Paper Crane Wakizashi again so I can have a matching set???
Dave Lattimore, Pennsville NJ
Hanwei always makes a quality sword and this is up there with their very best. I love the Paper Crane theme and the Tsuba work. The saya also deserves mention - it is particularly well finished. I also have a couple of Thaitsuki swords and would have to give Thaitsuki the edge in overall materials quality, but non the less, I am very pleased with this katana
Robert Kelly, vancouver WA
One of Hanwei's flagship katanas. Beautiful and well built with excellent blade finish and sharpness. Very nice fittings. Thanks to the staff at Japaneseswords4Samurai for helping me throughout this purchase
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