Musashi Tokusen katana - Ships Free

Musashi Tokusen katana - Ships Free
Musashi Tokusen katana - Ships Free
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Musashi Tokusen katana - Ships FreeMusashi Tokusen katana - Ships Free


Beautiful Engraved Blade - Includes Sword Bag

The Musashi Musha katana is a 41" hand forged sword with a full tang razor sharp, engraved blade with bo-hi. This katana is a good choice for the value conscious collector or enthusiast. Can be completely disassembled for maintenance. Comes with black high gloss wooden saya and cotton sword bag for storage.

Inscribed on every sword blade: "I belong to the warrior, in who the old ways have joined the new."


Overall Length: 40.5"
Blade Length: 27"
Blade Width: 0.263" to 0.198" at point
Blade Material: High temper carbon steel
Handle Material: Authentic Ray Skin
Kissaki 1.329"
Sword Bag included

This is a sharpened Battle ready katana. You must be at least 18 to order this Japanese sword.


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