Musashi Damascus Feudal Daimyo Katana - Ships Free

Musashi Damascus Feudal Daimyo Katana - Ships Free
Musashi Damascus Feudal Daimyo Katana - Ships Free
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Musashi Damascus Feudal Daimyo Katana - Ships FreeMusashi Damascus Feudal Daimyo Katana - Ships Free


Includes free black cotton sword bag, maintenance kit, certificates of authenticity and wood display box!

This is a hand forged full tang Musashi certified T10 high carbon steel Feudal Daimyo Katana. This katana is themed with two of the most famous Daimyos (Warlords) in Japnese history. A literal translation of the word Daimyo is "great name". The daimyos were powerful warlords of feudal Japan. This beautiful katana is traditionally hand forged by using muku-gitae method, meaning the sword is forged by using almost pure iron.

The two Daimyos featured in this katana is Uesugi Kenshin, also known as Bishamonten (God of War), and Oda Nobunaga, who initiated the unification of Japan.

By using traditional forging process and folding techniques this blade has 828 different layers and features a beautiful natural hamon. The tsuba is steel with a copper finish and features Uesugi Kenshin on one side and Oda Nobunaga on the other.

The hard wood saya has a beautiful piano lacquer finish and displays gold and green color kiri leaves vine. Kiri symbolizes the Royal family in Japanese culture.

The Tsuka is constructed of two pieces of hard wood over the tang of the blade. Black Samegawa (ray skin) has been wrapped over the wood with a burgundy cotton Ito wrapped over the Same. Two bamboo Mekugis secure the tang of the blade into the Tsuka. A gold finished brass Menuki adorns each side of the Tsuka. The Kashira is drak brass with another scene of cloud in bold relief.

Includes free black cotton sword bag, Katana maintenance kit, certificates of authenticity issued by Musashi, and wood and silk display box.

This is a terrific price on a certified hand forged, folded blade kayama!

This is a sharpened battle ready Japanese sword you must be at least 18 to order this katana


Overall length 41.5"
Blade Length 27"
Handle Length 11"
Blade Size 1.25"
Tsuba Size 3.00"
Blade HRC 55


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Musashi Samurai swords are known for their high quality blades and authentic fittings. All are full tang, double peggedl and fully sharpened making a fine battle ready Katana. A leader in economical high value katana's, Musashi swords are produced at the famous Chris Zhou Academy known for their excellence in sword making. Musashi Katana's are a good choice for both the practitioner and Samurai sword collector.

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